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Hello there!

I’m Lien, co-founder of

I’m a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Adviser. I had the idea to start this blog because I know first hand how difficult it can be to get on track, let alone stay on track when trying to achieve your health related goals – In fact, it’s part of the reason I got qualified in the first place!

We all have our faults, be it we love food too much, have a dislike for exercise, or lack the confidence or self esteem to get going. In a world of information overload and conflicting opinions on what’s right or wrong, it can put a stop to your journey before you even begin.

In my case, it was all of the above!!

Having finally hustled through it all, its my aim to cut through all the noise and really help you focus on what’s applicable to you at the stage you’re at right now. And with the help of my partner in crime, we’ll get you started on your journey and give you a clear and focused path to obtaining, developing and maintaining your new healthier lifestyle.

It’s great if you’ve joined the gym, but you now have to use it. The truth of it is, we’re not all born athletes. We don’t all have the passion and drive that will propel us to the gym every day. We don’t all have the will power and stamina to gain a bikini body in 3 weeks.

I totally fit into this camp, and its nothing to be ashamed off.

It certainly doesn’t mean we’re any less deserving or any less motivated, we just have to find the methods that help us follow through and take smaller steps if need be but still keep moving forward – a lot can be said for persistence, determination and know how.

Training hard is good, but training smart is better – that’s where the “know how” comes into play!;) And I’ll make it my job to provide you with all the knowledge you need to be successful.

I hope everything that I have to share with you will give you the confidence to see your goals through right to the end.

Remember, applied knowledge is power and where the head goes, the body will follow.

I’ll do my best to take the away the headache of training and make your journey as easy and hassle free for you as I possibly can.

Hope to see you in the gym sometime – It’s your fight. Stay strong. Don’t give up! 😉