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Half Your Workout, Double Your Results!

Running on treadmillHey peeps.

You’ve likely heard me mention a million times before, I’ve been there.

As a non-gym person entering a gym, I was surgically attached to the treadmill.

And although I finally ventured further out, I still have a soft spot for it.

If you’re not quite ready to leave your beloved treadmill, but want to turn it up a notch this is perfect for you.

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Gym Anxiety – How to overcome it

Someone once said to me that London is a good place to be lonely because there are so many other lonely people there.

If that’s true, then the gym is a good place to feel intimidated.

Believe it or not, we’re all on the same page. Feeling gym anxiety couldn’t be more natural. Especially in the early days.

After all, we are challenging ourselves, we are doing something new, we’re stepping outside our comfort zone, and we’re trying to overcome our insecurities.

All at the same time!

These are not little things, these are big deals.

So if we feel a little unsure on the way, who can blame us.

Regardless of how natural it is though, it’s definitely regarded as a set back. Feeling insecure can stop you going to the gym altogether. Or, at the very least, failing to overcome it could – and likely will – prevent you from doing your best and significantly hinder your progress.

A few tricks to combat initial newbie gym anxiety are:

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10 Ways to Avoid Gym Boredom

Secretly, it annoys me when I hear people suggest the gym is boring. I get offended that they think a prominent feature of my life is actually boring.

I mean there’s usually enough equipment and space to do a million and one different exercises and thus a billion and one different routines. There’s music, heck, there’s even TV these days.

The gym being boring, in my mind is a futile argument.

Even more secretly though, I completely understand where they are coming from.

I’m sure we’ve all been there, wondering mind and all. Not being with it, failing to feel the urgency in your work out. Failing to see the excitement of jogging for another 10 minutes or doing another set of lunges.

However the gym being ‘boring’ is not essentially the problem.

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Train your BEST – Even on a BAD Day!

I’ll be honest, some days when I go to the gym, I just don’t bring it.

Perhaps I’m bored, or I’m tired, or I’m fed up and demotivated. Perhaps all of those reasons!

Either way, I just cant get into it and I start making up B.S. excuses and end up training poorly.

I have used every excuse going. I blame the world and its mother; “my knee doesn’t feel right”, “I didn’t sleep well last night”, “I’m dehydrated”, “that’s too heavy”, “my cat fell out of the tree”, “it’s a full moon tonight” and my all time favourite – “I can’t!”

Regardless of having shifted the weights many times before I still cant shake off the excuses… I don’t know how to explain it other than I was being crap. I let my state of mind affect my performance… badly.

This is a crap day at the gym.

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Gym Kit Essentials for a Newbie

gym-kitIf you have recently joined the gym, you may wish to gather yourself a fully functional gym kit.

Getting your kit together is an essential part of the preparation process. It gets you mentally and physically prepared for the potential onslaught to come.

The better prepared you are the less excuses you’ll have to draw on later.

Making sure that your kit is comfortable and functional can be the difference between feeling cumbersome throughout your session or gracefully completing it. No one needs a falling bra strap, chaffing bottoms, or ill fitting shoes.

Lets face it, sweating it out in the gym is not one of life’s finer looking moments, the last thing you need is feeling a tear in your shorts as you learn to squat.

It is worth investing a little to make your sessions a little more practical. For instance, if you’ve been blessed in the upper regions, a good support bra can make the world of difference and if you’re small framed, yanking your pants up every 2 minutes will eventually get irritating.

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