Gym Kit Essentials for a Newbie

gym-kitIf you have recently joined the gym, you may wish to gather yourself a fully functional gym kit.

Getting your kit together is an essential part of the preparation process. It gets you mentally and physically prepared for the potential onslaught to come.

The better prepared you are the less excuses you’ll have to draw on later.

Making sure that your kit is comfortable and functional can be the difference between feeling cumbersome throughout your session or gracefully completing it. No one needs a falling bra strap, chaffing bottoms, or ill fitting shoes.

Lets face it, sweating it out in the gym is not one of life’s finer looking moments, the last thing you need is feeling a tear in your shorts as you learn to squat.

It is worth investing a little to make your sessions a little more practical. For instance, if you’ve been blessed in the upper regions, a good support bra can make the world of difference and if you’re small framed, yanking your pants up every 2 minutes will eventually get irritating.

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6 Things to look for in a Good Gym

good-gymNot all gyms are created equally…

What do I mean by that?

Basically, different gyms offer different benefits and disadvantages to different people.

It’s not enough to just join any ol’ gym because depending on your goal, the same gym can help one person and hold another back.

For instance, somebody looking to begin competing in Powerlifting would need – or at least significantly benefit from – a different environment and/or gym to somebody that’s looking to simply run 5km for charity.

For the sake of today’s article I’ll be focusing on what’s ideal for the average gym newbie when chasing the goal of body transformation: Fat Loss and/or Muscle Gain.

I’m doing this for two reasons:

a) Most gym newbies are looking to improve how they look.

b) If I wrote about every gym member subcategory, this article would be around 3 to 4 days long!

Before I fully get into today’s article I just want to mention that fact that I don’t recommend you join a gym just based on the price or just because it’s convenient to get to.

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