Train your BEST – Even on a BAD Day!

I’ll be honest, some days when I go to the gym, I just don’t bring it.

Perhaps I’m bored, or I’m tired, or I’m fed up and demotivated. Perhaps all of those reasons!

Either way, I just cant get into it and I start making up B.S. excuses and end up training poorly.

I have used every excuse going. I blame the world and its mother; “my knee doesn’t feel right”, “I didn’t sleep well last night”, “I’m dehydrated”, “that’s too heavy”, “my cat fell out of the tree”, “it’s a full moon tonight” and my all time favourite – “I can’t!”

Regardless of having shifted the weights many times before I still cant shake off the excuses… I don’t know how to explain it other than I was being crap. I let my state of mind affect my performance… badly.

This is a crap day at the gym.

I have a philosophy for when I’m being crap and how to avoid it, and it goes like this: “If you are being crap then don’t be you!” – intense I know, but no one actually likes being crap.

It’s not a good feeling by any means and it just makes things worse. Plus, if your already one for struggling in the gym, that’s just extra bad news.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t actually hurt to take occasional breaks from being yourself – especially if it instantly improves your performance.

It’s not betrayal of your true self.

It doesn’t mean your worthless.

It’s not derogatory in any way.

Plus, it’s just temporary.

You can get back to being your awesome self once you’ve sorted your head out or… completed your set.

Let me explain what I’m on about…

How to Change Your Mindset

I call it, ‘The Mystique Technique’.

I call it that because we are borrowing someone else’s form.

But, instead of mimicking their appearance and voice (like the actual Mystique from The X-Men Comics), you just mimic their mindset.

You think as this person does, and you react as this person would. You are using their characteristics to solve your problem.

So just who is this person??

Life coaches have been using similar techniques for years, using the likes of Warriors, Ninjas and Generals or anybody with desirable, specific characteristics.

The only difference for us is that we recommend you use real life role models from your own life.

This person doesn’t have to be the holy grail of inspiration or a godly person that represents everything that you believe in. Remember, you’re not going to ‘be’ this person so you don’t even have to like them!

For example, you may not like Mike Tyson but you know for sure he didn’t have any problems finding the motivation to train in his prime!

It can be anybody you would like it to be, as long as they’re somebody that inspires you in some way.

Think about it, would this person make excuses? Would this person hold back? Of course not, this person couldn’t fail if they tried.

Even Chuck Norris is afraid of them! 🙂

Mimicking winners can only lead to one thing, and that’s winning.

For me personally, I like to mimic the confident Ronda Rousey – Women’s UFC Bantamweight Champion. She has a Killer work ethic (if you want to check her out, she has lots of training videos on YouTube).

This girl is constantly in beast mode.

She has a no nonsense approach to getting what she wants and I need me some of that!

So when I sense an onslaught of excuses, I put on my Ronda face (or resting bitch face) and I go to work. Just as she does.

Here’s why it works

  1. You remove any doubts about whether on not you’re able to train properly. This is no longer about your confidence, your esteem, your ability. So rather than waste your energy with these draining thoughts you are now free to focus your energy on the task at hand, giving you a better start already.
  1. You acquire the strengths and conviction of your chosen character. As the great Bruce Lee once said – “As you think, so you shall become”.

I can honestly say I have never managed to train harder in my life. Since using The Mystique Technique I actually feel more confident as a person and working out is a far more amusing now.

I have acquired a mental wardrobe of many bright and colourful UFC fighter mindsets. I’m starting to give it my all during training, and finally seeing big results.

You’ve got nothing to lose and all to gain.

Another thing that makes this technique so awesome is that nobody can even tell that you’re doing it unless you tell them.

It’s a simple mind trick that has worked wonders for me, so next time you have an ‘off day’ why don’t you apply ‘The Mystique Technique’ and let me know how you get on.