10 Ways to Avoid Gym Boredom

Secretly, it annoys me when I hear people suggest the gym is boring. I get offended that they think a prominent feature of my life is actually boring.

I mean there’s usually enough equipment and space to do a million and one different exercises and thus a billion and one different routines. There’s music, heck, there’s even TV these days.

The gym being boring, in my mind is a futile argument.

Even more secretly though, I completely understand where they are coming from.

I’m sure we’ve all been there, wondering mind and all. Not being with it, failing to feel the urgency in your work out. Failing to see the excitement of jogging for another 10 minutes or doing another set of lunges.

However the gym being ‘boring’ is not essentially the problem.

Left to your own devices, you need discipline, organisation and creativity to make the most of your gym sessions.

If you have ever hired a personal trainer to tackle such issues, then the gym should be far from boring. If you’re still bored, you need to sack your trainer.

To begin with, I never thought the gym was an ‘exciting’ place. There are other ways to work out; martial arts, Zumba, Pole fitness, Sports, etc… but if you’ve signed up for the gym I’m guessing you didn’t sign up because it gives up happy goose pimples, but rather you want to achieve something, to earn something.

Be it to sculpt you body, improve your health or better yourself once and for all, the gym is a reliable and versatile place. you can even use it to improve your performance in your others sports and hobbies.

We may never warm to it as we do to a fresh, hot donut stand, but we should at least develop a mutual respect for they gym and find a way to comfortably see us through our sessions. You get what you give as far as the gym is concerned.

Don’t fall prey to using boredom as your excuse to stop. If you feel it tugging at you here’s a few things you could try or do to help tackle it head on:

How to make Exercise Fun

  1. Pick the right Gym (if its not too late)

Not all gyms are created equal.

Some have better equipment for strength and conditioning, some are full of cardio machines, some cater for mixed martial artists, some are all female, some are for the old (yeah I said it) and some for the over happy (you know who I’m talking about).

Take your time and choose a good gym. Walk around, suss out the staff, suss out the members, check the energy and vibe because choosing a gym you fail to resonate with could be the difference between paying £2 per session and £374 per session.

  1. Have Split Routines or Several Routines

Avoid doing the same training session several times a week.

Although most Gym Newbies don’t need multiple training programmes to see results, if you find yourself getting bored then having a few programmes to choose from can go a long way when trying to discover how to make exercise fun.

Just make sure that the programmes include a few of the things you need to do as well as the things you want to do.

It keeps every day different. Variety is the spice of life and of your exercise programme.

  1. Allow some “wiggle room”.

If you truly, truly do not have it in you to follow your routine on any particular day, allow yourself to do something you will enjoy.

Something is better than nothing, and as a newbie, do whatever you can to avoid falling off the wagon.

Remember as a newbie you get ‘newbie gains’.

Your body will likely respond positively regardless of the activity. Providing you’re moving, you’ll be working.

  1. Have high/low sessions

This is a great way to shorten your time at the gym.

Have short intense sessions as well as more laid back, longer sessions.

You’ll feel great having done high intensity sessions, but, if you’re like me, you’ll also feel thankful for low intensity sessions.


Again, this will add variety and mix up your sessions. You’ll soon find out what your favourite gym days are.

  1. Update your Music

Everybody loves music, and there’s never enough time to just enjoy it.

Taking it to the gym is perfect for catching up on your favourite songs or reminiscing to tunes from your childhood, especially when you’re trying to make exercise fun again.

Not only will it make it more enjoyable, it can also have a lasting effect. Keeping you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Beware of listening to cheesy tunes last though, they could haunt you for the rest of the day. Nobody needs to know you’re living in a barbie world. 😛

  1. Get Focused

Get a plan, take on a mission, set a goal, push yourself, change your mindset. Get focused and you’ll forget you’re bored, forget your problems and you’ll forget your limitations.

You are a powerhouse. Remember that. Power pose, then perform.

Achieving what you set out to do is such a rush!

  1. Get Results

“I’m bored of progressing” said… no-one ever!!

It’s much easier to stay focused when you’re already getting good results, just as it’s easier to get results when you get focused.

Boredom is a minor detail if you get rewarded for your work.

The workout itself is seldom the hit, it’s the progression that people get hooked on.

You’ll see changes and hit milestones, seeing yourself stronger, leaner, fitter and happier is a natural adrenaline. Use how far you’ve come to motivate yourself to keep going.

  1. Bring a Friend

Either for companionship or competition. We do not judge.

There’s no denying that bringing a friend can take the isolation feeling out of the gym environment. Plus, it’s always nice to encourage each other.

Just make sure that the partner you choose helps to bring the best out of you and not the worst.

Bringing the wrong person can be detrimental. If they’re unreliable, overbearing, or drag their feet or not serious about doing well then you’re better off on your own.

  1. Over Exaggerate your Achievements

There’s nothing wrong with doing a lap of honour because you’ve completed your first set.

There’s nothing wrong with a happy dance because you’ve managed your first full press up.

Conjuring up an acceptance speech for when you complete your first mile run will also take your mind off boredom.

Every achievement is important. Celebrate as often as you can or need to, endorphins will handle the rest.

  1. Have Faith.

You may not always feel like working out. You may not always enjoy working out. But put the work in regardless, and you shall be rewarded (and often in more ways than one).

Boredom is just another dull emotion, we can acknowledge it, accept it and ignore it.

Have faith in your programme, in your efforts and ignore the things that try to stop you achieving your goals.

If you’re not in pain, keep going. Less thinking and more doing.

So whilst I understand that its possible to feel bored at the gyms at times. It’s usually a sign that we are losing focus. Shake it off, work through it and keep your eye on the prize.

If you don’t find yourself into the zone, there’s lots of different workouts you can try. Focus on speed, or strength, or endurance instead of aesthetics for example.

Usually people tend to enjoy what they’re good at, at whilst you need to nurture your preferences you also need to put some time aside for things that need work. After all, you can always go sky diving another time.

In the comments below, let me know of any other tips or tricks you use to avoid boredom in the gym.

Thanks for reading!